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C&D waste feed material to CDE washing plantSupported by the EU Eco-Innovation Programme we will bring our washing systems for construction, demolition and excavation waste to continental Europe.

Further details on the Eco Innovation Programme can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/environment/eco-innovation/

The programme is set up to assist with the introduction of Environmental technologies that are currently employed in 1 EU member state but as yet have not been widely introduced throughout the EU

The first part of the programme involves us selecting an appropriate EU member state where we believe there is potential for the technology we offer to be widely introduced

Our research identified Germany as the most suitable country.


Our experience in construction, demolition and excavation waste recycling

Loading the feed hopper at a CDE C&D waste recycling plantWe have been working in this area exclusively in the UK market for 10 years

We currently have 15 C&D waste recycling plants working in the UK market

These systems employ our washing systems to produce higher value washed recycled sand and aggregate products that can be achieved by dry crushing and screening

The UK prime Minster recently visited one of our C&D waste recycling plants and offered his support to the work we are doing. Further details of his visit can be found at http://www.cdeglobal.com/news/131/uk-prime-minister-lends-support-to-cd-waste-recycling-investment



Aerial shot CDE washing plant for C&D wasteWe have completed many project case studies in this area and I have included links below for your information



The Work Programme

As part of the initial work programme we are required to conduct considerable research into the German market for recycled sand and aggregates as well as a detailed analysis of the type of equipment currently widely used to process this material.

Discussions are also well advanced with a number of companies involved in the recycling of construction, demolition and excavation waste and over the next few months a decision will be made on where our recycling plant will be located.

washed recycled aggregates from CDE washing plantFollowing this agreement our new recycling system for C&D waste will be located in Germany and will process material from a wide range of sources. A considerable material testing regime will also be in place in order for us to establish a detailed list of potential applications for the recycled sand and aggregates produced by our plant.

During this operational phase of the project we will be hosting a number of open week events at the site where we will invite industry bodies, trade associations and others involved in the recycling of construction, demolition and excavation waste to come along and witness how this processing system offers a real opportunity for us to protect long term aggregate supply from a sustainable source.




The Future

On completion of the CANDY project we will have succeeded in introducing the washing of construction and demolition waste as a widely adopted practice in Germany and further afield.


The processing system

washed recycled sand and CDE radial conveyorOur C&D waste recycling system will include:

  • Feed arrangement
  • Aggregate screening
  • Attrition by our RotoMax logwasher
  • Sand washing
  • Agggregate Sizing
  • Water treatment & recycling